The day is Yours, and Yours also the night; You established the sun and moon.

Psalm 74:16

In case you missed it or want to revisit: Here’s the content from previous days.

Day One: Sunday, April 19th

Review the retreat fundamentals and hear from Jennifer Sagel on Catholic Meditation.

Day Two: Monday, April 20th

Fr. Gary Caster illuminates the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood learned from St. Therese of Lisieux.

Day Three: Tuesday, April 21st

Fr. Nick Junker visits the threshold of Heaven and Earth in Experiencing the Mass Anew.

Day Four: Wednesday, April 22nd

Forest Barnette finds more company than meets the eye, and a richer doctrine than many realize, in Quarantine and the Communion of Saints.

Day Five: Thursday, April 23rd

Fr. Keith Romke puts us on solid ground in A Foundation to Build Lives Upon: St. Ignatius’ First Principle and Foundation. 

Day Six: Friday, April 24th

Katie Robben explores the relationship between religious practices and the highest commandment in Law and Love.

Day Seven: Saturday, April 25th

Fr. Steven Beatty thanks the team and retreatants, introduces our patron Saints, and says one last time, This Day Is the Lord’s!

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